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Even The Stars is a space exploration game with no objectives, quests or story-lines.  You simply wander through space without a purpose, exploring alien planets, discovering strange landmarks, getting lost, getting old and eventually passing away.

You control the movement of your ship with the mouse and keyboard but other actions require you to type commands, such as ‘warp’ or ‘disembark’.  When you come across an interesting landmark on a planet (from fun-fairs to Monoliths), you can explore or ‘stay’, allowing you to write a short log about your journey and making you grow a little older.  You’ll eventually die of old age and be treated to picture of the universe, with your last route mapped out, accompanied with your logs describing your voyage.

It’s a short, sweet and simple game that encourages exploration for explorations sake.  In Even the Stars there’s no levelling up, high scores or objectives, simply the joy of discovering weird stuff in space, writing about it and building your own story – Space Blogging.

Play Even The Stars, Free


Powershine is strange sandbox toybox that allows you build large, intricate constructions, then breath life into them.

Although it looks very nice, the Powershine Alpha Demo is pretty limited at the moment, but it certainly shows promise.  You can collect building materials and build large structures relatively easily then breath life into them with the aid of special orbs.

There are no real objectives or endgame at the moment, but it’s fun to just create large moving structures or works of art.  We’d love to see more varied building blocks in future releases, and some set objectives would add some direction for your creative output.

Check out the Greenlight page & Download the Free Alpha Demo

Videos like this one are EXACTLY why I follow Indie Impressions AKA RockLeeSmile. 

Freeware Recommendations - 9/18/14


Often, I find free games that are good, but for whatever reason do not warrant a full review. They may be too short or too prone to spoilers to review separately, but are still interesting and worth a playthrough. All of today’s picks can be played in a browser and completed in less than 10 minutes. Enjoy!


No Wave (browser) - This is a trippy point-and-click about a guy in 1980s New York going to a club, taking drugs, and fucking up spectacularly. You start out by going to the club and choosing one of two drugs to take. Which one you choose will decide who/what you can interact with, as well as the color palette. And once your character does something cringe-worthy (which he will), you’ll get booted out to try again the next night. Each time, you can pick a new drug and things change a little bit, until game over. I’ve always had a fondness for games that let you poke around and see what happens, and that combined with a really interesting narrative and even more interesting aesthetic makes this game an easy recommendation. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time.


Brawlin’ Sailor (browser) - This is a side-scrolling beat-em-up that is honestly worth playing for the animation alone. The opening sequence is legitimately funny, and when you start playing, the animation is what makes the brawling feel good. In fact, it’s really the only thing, because the fighting is just way too easy. Except, see, this is where the catch comes in. This is a game you actually play through twice, and I don’t know if I can say much more about why without spoiling it. Suffice it to say that it only takes a couple of minutes per play, and both playthroughs are a lot of fun, primarily because of the animation and the humor. This is honestly some of the better visual humor I’ve seen in a game in a while, free or not. Check it out.


Wormhunter (browser/Win/Mac/Linux) - Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 29, this game has you, as a lone warrior with a sword, wandering a barren desert landscape trying to kill a giant worm before it eats you. It’s got some of the classic gamejam symptoms of abrupt endings, lack of context, and ideas that aren’t fleshed out or explained (it’s not clear what the beacons do or whether they help), but the basic action of seeking out the worm, getting the hell out of its way, and then slashing at it is a lot of fun. The visuals are simple, but effective, and the controls work nicely. Bonus points for what appears to be a woman of color as the protagonist. There’s only the one fight to be had here, but since the space is pretty large and the worm surprisingly fast, it might take a few minutes and/or a few tries to be victorious. 




(front view) CROCHETED Zelda Twilight Princess. my daughter made!!!!  95% of it she stitched all by herself—no pattern.  What’s so great is her many school mates seeing her crocheting at school and in between classes!!! AGAIN, so VERY, VERY PROUD! 

Such awesome work!


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Good Morning Cloudbank



Good Morning Cloudbank


I think everyone should watch this, and the rest of the videos in this series.


This video is the definition of hype. Very well edited.

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Dwarf Fortress is changing how the MOMA preserves art

So cool. So so so cool. 

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Today I put out a casting call for a hispanic trans actor and I got a few responses along the lines of “why do they have to be trans” and “stop diversifying just for the sake of it” so I thought I’d make a quick post to explain what’s going on (even though I really shouldn’t have to).

I’m working on a game with a startup studio founded by a friend. Yay! Just a goofy little 16bit shooter; nothing too revolutionary but it should be a lot of fun. I’m funding it myself and I really hope you enjoy it!

There’s a lot of supporting characters in the game though and I thought it’d be a great opportunity to include a diverse range of characters kinda just… Because why the fuck not? It’s my game, I’ll do whatever I want. Representation matters and frankly I’m just as bored of games featuring straight white male characters as the rest of us. I mean don’t get me wrong, the main character of the game is still a straight white male because… I’m the main character of the game. Shut up.

Anyway, as I said there’s a diverse range of characters that are totally awesome; I’m really attached to all of them and once I start rolling out character art I hope you will be too. To announce the release of the game I’m making a live-action trailer featuring the characters and I want to cast it as authentically and close to my vision as possible. So, when I write a hispanic trans character you bet your ass I want that role to be played by someone who fits the part. Could a cisgender person play the role? Yes. If I can’t find a trans actor who suits the role then that’s what’ll happen but I’ll cross that bridge if I get there.

Please don’t think that I’m exploiting or fetishising minority groups for the sake of Tumblr brownie points. I’m simply interested in making a fun game and representing more of the human race than just… Myself.

Also bears. One of the characters is a bear.

That’s all.

Yo, guys. Everyone’s favorite internet-video-making-funny-guy-who-also-is-super-chill Mr. Tomska is making a video game! Keep a look-out for it, I know I’m excited!

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